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The "Mike" is the influential late Mike Naumenko of Zoopark. There's a "Mike & Tsoi" album, a "Mike & everybody else," a few "Just Mike" albums, and even Kirpichi calls up Mike's ghost on their seminal album. Zoopark, from a brief survey sounds like Akvarium stuck on early electric blues rock. Arbitrarily, we have decided that Mike is The Anti-Boris. Boo, Mike. Mike "Maya" Naumenko.

Artur begs to differ:

I think you've underrated the Boris and Maik album released back in 1978. Understandably, the quality could be better, but taking into the consideration the fact that the album includes heartbreaking versions of the early songssuch as "Why the Sky Doesn't Fall" and "To My Star"it is definitely a worthwhile (should I say excellent?) purchase. For absolutely anyone. The songs are played on two guitars, making them more harmonical than Boris playing solo. The same goes to the Maik songs. They seem unbelieveably melodic for the songs written by Naumenko. This time the man shows that he is capable of playing something more than direct rock-n-roll.

Check out the wacky Belomor pictures in the booklet.

The album notes list "The Drunken Choir" as "friends and colleagues." The album is dedicated to The Acoustic Daughter and The Great White Wonder.