Stuffography Parables of Count Diffusor


Притчи Графа Диффузора

Parables of Count Diffusor



by Dzhrew

I have this on tape and haven't heard it yet. I was watching hockey on the TV in Vladivostok's finest above-ground underground recording studio (Студия "О-кей" in the ДК at the Авангард tram stop) while it was taping. It sounded pretty bad, actually. I taped Bobina #192 from them.

Bootleg tape? Or legitimate release?[Later] It is pretty bad. It's interesting, of course, for the fanatic. Boris and pals are having a blast playing kitchen rock. "St. George Island," while not Akvarium's most technically brilliant offering, sounds about as fun to play/sing as anything they've done since. Despite my awful tape, I get "Pop Star" stuck in my head, sheet of plastic and all. There's lots of places where a fanatic might hear echoes of things to come. Look at the words to "Other," on page 19 of 14, for example, then look at "10 Arrows" (from Acoustics). Final musical note: this record has lots more piano on it than your usual Akvarium.

Somehow, I think this picture sums it upBut... the quality of my recording puts any serious listening way beyond the patience limit of my raised-in-the-decadent-west ears. The equation is simple: 20-yr-old recording + 10-yr-old Soviet bobina copier + lazy employee more interested in hockey game than my tape = 100% Munchkin tape of Graf Diffuzor. Attempts to play along suggest that my recording needs to be slowed down the equivalent of one full musical step (two guitar frets) before I can hear Boris's actual 1974 voice. Gotta borrow a tape player with a pitch wheel.

For now, I can only rate this album "Previous experience mandatory, serious applicants only, Dylan proclivity recommended." True believers, look for it on tapes at finer pirate tape stores. You will probably have to settle for a lousy Munchkinized version, but if you're going to the trouble to find it, I imagine that shouldn't bother you much.

[NB: The foregoing was written before the album was released on disc in Y2K. However, it's abundantly clear that no truly clean tapes were to be had when Boris undertook the digital remastering—since these early albums were all homemade, there probably never were any that could be considered "clean" by Western standards anyway—making Dzhrew's caveats about sound quality as relevant today as they ever were. Cd release does mean, however, that Count Diffusor is now as easy to find as any other Akvarium disc. -Ed.]