Stuffography B. Grebenshikov & A. Zubarev: Water Rhapsody


Б. Гребенщиков - А. П. Зубарев: Рапсодия для воды

B. Grebenshikov & A. Zubarev: Water Rhapsody



by Dji & Dzhrew

My god, my god, why hast thou forsaken me?

When told of this Muzak version of Akvarium tunes, Alfonov intoned, "It's democracy's fault." Turns out he was right; this horrible creation was "recorded specially for the joyous holiday in honor of the return of the figure of the angel to the spire of the Peter-Paul Cathedral [in St. Petersburg]."

Avoid avoid avoid.

Alternate review from Dzhrew: I once worked at a pretty low-budget radio station in Indiana. One clever wag was always trying to get us to change our station slogan to "WQAX—It's Better Than Silence." Ever since, I've wanted to review a piece of music, plagarizing these words. When I first heard this Rhapsody disc, I thought maybe this was my big chance. But, alas, silence is better. If I had to be stranded on a desert island with either this cd or nothing, I'd pick nothing.