Last name: Kuryokhin

First name: Sergei

Last name russian:

First name russian:

Description: In this page, Kuryokhin is best known as the composer of "Mad Nightingales in the Russian Forest" (<i>The One-Track</i>) and for his performances on the Akvarium I albums listed below.<p>Outside the BoB world he was an influential sorta guy with a zillion projects--besides his solo projects and a healthy list of soundtrack credits (some acting, even), SK recorded with the Pop Mechanics, Kino and other artists throughout the 80s. In 1997 he died of a rare heart disease a few days before his 43rd birthday. <p>Yes, ladies, he does look like our own Bodhisattva Dzhrew.

Plays: piano, experimental piano, keyboards, various organs, vocals

Order number: 3

Birthday: 1954-07-15 21:00:00 UTC

Old: 3641