The Ziggurat of Babylon Do not buy this

The dingy, damp auxiliary sub-basement of the Ziggurat of Babylon. These albums are characterized by the remoteness of their connection to the established canon. Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here. Guaranteed to terrify the most composed and devoted soul.


Sergei Kuryokhin and BG go hunting for magic mushrooms in St. Peterburg's sewers. The question, however, is how the deformed organ-and-Fender-guitar growth they found ever saw the light of day. Like biting into a moldy pirozhok. Tfooo.


If you still haven't had enough Chucho Merchan and Olle Romeo, this is the album for you. Boris plays guitar with a collection of the least talented musicians of the 1980s. Woe woe woe.


OK, admittedly BG's role here is entirely peripheral—limited to one duet with "the Pat Benetar of Russia"—but when confronted with this masterwork none of the Bodhisattvas could resist chiming in. Why? Because we all secretly want to have a duet with Joanna...