Songs Flicker of Gold

Written by St. John/Grebenshikov

The sun's coming up; the strangest of mornings
The curtain falls down on the longest of nights
The world stretches out in innocent glory
A flicker of gold; a future yet untold

So you breathe in the air, you breathe in the silence
You breathe in the pain to hide it away.
But the radiant dawn fills you with yearning
As your sad disarray fills yet another day.

Kate & Boris:
And the rivers flow, the rivers run so fast
No chance to float or disembark
And lovers fly through the sky so fast
Then hurtle down to the dark

And now that it's come, the end of the story
No violins, no one to tell
Your body awaits but your soul is still searching
The infinite skies for a sign to recognize.

Kate & Boris:
Songs come and go, whispers and silence
Worlds fall apart, ashes and dust
And love disappears like mist off the water
Rising above, higher and higher
A flicker of gold bursting into light.


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