Songs Axios

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Best attempt:

Talk with me
Come stare me down the pages of your rosary
Your <---?> fair
Taaaaalk with me
The wind <---?> the night is near
to leave with me
Come bring storm & shadow.

I can talk with you
I can walk with you
All throughout your life
Sigh with you
Smile on you
Lighting your fire

Laugh with you
Start with you
Stay with you, say to you,
"Axios, Axios"

Once in awhile, never again
lied to me in black & white
why should I care?
Just walk with me, talk with me
pages of your rosary
one by one to leave with me
and bring storm & shadow.

Axios Zaharios
All thoroughout your life
Axios Aharios
Lighting your fire
Stay with me,

There's more, but blah... I've had enough for now.


There's no "official source" for these lyrics, so this represents my best attempt at comprehension.