Translations by Dzhrew

I don't think you considered yourself god You just wanted to ascend, Having rationally decided that it's warmer there than below. And I'm curious how you Feel there now-- Now that you can see all your faults. (idiom dictionary, G-140) You laughed in the face, you shot in the back, You threw sand in my face. You built up your karma for ten lives in advance. You thought that if two are silent Then the third must be "for" ("pro"??) Having forgotten to clarify what you sewed his mouth shut with. Now it's time for farewells, but I wont offer my hand. I feel sorry for you, but your hands are dirty. And I don't give a damn how you're going to live Near your murdered stream And what you feel as a result of it. You lived selling to virgins Your portrait at a ruble a half hour-- The one I painted of you the day before yesterday. You shrieked about the winds, but grief to those Who hoisted your sail: Standing at attention they froze your weathervanes. And you're a floutist, but it's not heaven's flute. It's not even the flute of the earth. Thank god you were too late to cause any harm. True, I said that they'd fall-- And they buried you. Still, there's never been heaven without rain. Don't expect forgiveness from me, don't expect my judgement; You're your own judge, you built your own prison. But if by chance a certain angel Came in here I'd like to know how you'd answer him.


Translation Notes

Preface: I totally give up on any hope of ever doing anything meaningful with all this. This is a product of a more unemployed period in my life--the halcyon days of living s roditelyami with nothing better to do than battle linguistic attrition. Now I have guitar to practice. The translations are bad, I see from the morning once-over I am subjecting them to today. Notes: "Now that you can see all your faults" is not what I mean. I cite a section of my idiom dictionary which says that the Russian expression Boris uses is based on Matt 7:3 and Luke 6:41. Having no bible, I can't come up with any English equivalent which may have been inspired by the same passages. "Weathervane" is wrong. Need to find the actual nautical term for such a device. I'm thinking "crosstree," but only because I recently learned the word. I know it's wrong, but it sounds nautical. I started Ivanov off trying to make it half-assedly scan. I gave up. Curses. I think I posted a lot of these already. But my web-surfing skills preclude me from checking. And I'm fairly sure nobody paid any attention to them the first time, so nobody will care now. Somewhere I have another big text file of work-in-progress drivel that I'll (no pun) throw up here sooner or later. Dzhrew

Я думаю, ты не считал себя богом,  
Ты просто хотел наверх,  
Резонно решив, что там теплей, чем внизу.  
И мне любопытно, как ты себя  
Чувствуешь там теперь -  
Теперь, когда все бревна в твоем глазу;  
Ты смеялся в лицо, ты стрелял со спины,  
Ты бросал мне песок в глаза;  
Ты создал себе карму на десять жизней вперед.  
Ты думал, что если двое молчат,  
То и третий должен быть "за",  
Забыв уточнить, чем ты зашил ему рот.  
Теперь нам пора прощаться, но я не подам руки,  
Мне жаль тебя, но пальцы твои в грязи;  
И мне наплевать, как ты будешь жить  
У убитой тобой реки,  
И что ты чувствуешь в этой связи.  
Ты жил, продавая девственницам  
Свой портрет, рубль в полчаса -  
Тот, что я написал с тебя позавчера;  
Ты кричал о ветрах - но горе тому,  
Кто подставил тебе паруса:  
Ведь по стойке "смирно" застыли твои флюгера;  
И ты флейтист, но это не флейта неба,  
Это даже не флейта земли;  
Слава богу, ты не успел причинить вреда.  
Ведь я говорил, что они упадут -  
И они тебя погребли;  
Небес без дождя не бывало еще никогда.  
Не жди от меня прощенья, не жди от меня суда;  
Ты сам свой суд, ты сам построил тюрьму.  
Но ежели некий ангел  
Случайно войдет сюда -  
Я хотел бы знать, что ты ответишь ему.