Translations by Maxim

I tried to keep the rhithm true, sometimes at the expense of meaning or proper english :) see what you make of it ============= ==== "45" ==== Got The Time ------------ Rain is pouring down, Has been, does and will, On my watch its 6, In my pockets - nil. All the smokes are gone, And the lighter's gone. Check for lights in windows - And I see none. Chorus Got the time, but lack the dough And really got no place to go Everybody's off, Leaving me behind, I am stuck in circles Of the wrong kind. I just want to drink, I just want to eat, I just want to find me Some place to sit. ===== Night ===== Witnessed the night ------------------- We left from the house When windows around us Gave up on the fun, One after one. We saw that last trolley Was leaving And we stayed behind. Cabs are still there, But we have no fare And we have no reason To go anywhere We're walking alone, The tape has ran out So rewind. Chorus Witnessed the night, Walked through the night Until dawn Come into a phone booth And tell them To close the door To where we were, We gonna walk bare, So strip off your shoes, Feel the stone. We've got some smokes And some matches, A bottle of wine That opens the mind, That builds faith Of everyone sleeping And us two alone. ========== Blood Type ========== Close the doors after me ------------------------ They say they're unable to take the risks They got their house and their needs, The house is bright with the lights. And I'm uncertain of who's got it right, Awaited by rain in the streets, While they are awaited by brides. Chorus Close the doors after me Because I am out. And once you get tired someday of the same tender light, Amongst us you'll find a spot, There's plenty of rain to go 'round, Look at the portrait, look at the shade on the wall, Listen to what is outside, You will hear our sound. Earth, Heaven, War ----------------------------- Show me the people Who're certain of what is to come Show me the portraits Of those who died on the way. Show me the one Who survived when his whole squad got whacked But some became doors, And some became locks, And some became keys that unlocked. Chorus Earth, heaven, Between the earth and the heaven A war carries on, And whether you care, And no matter where, Between the earth and the heaven A war carries on. Someplace there're people Who differ the spring from the fall, Someplace there're people Who've fathered a boy or a girl, Someplace there're people For whom every theorem holds, But some become walls, And some become shoulders That manage the weight of the walls. =========== Black Album =========== Summer ------ I am shutting off the TV, I am writing you my bit, About the fact that I no longer Manage staring at this shit, That I am running out of funk, That I am almost always drunk, But still remember you. About the fact that phone rang, And wished that I would stand upright, Put on my clothes and take a walk, Or, more precisely, run and fight. But I have told it to be quiet, That I am ill and got no might And haven't slept all night. Chorus I await your answer, All other hopes are cancelled, It's almost the end of summer, Bummer. Now, weather's giving us a treat, It has been raining four days straight, While on the radio they claimed It will be boiling in the shade. Still, in the shade that I am in, For now its warm and pretty dry, But I am afraid - for now. And days keep passing in a blink, A day to eat, then three to drink, But life is fun or so we think, Although its raining and that stinks. My deck has broken, sound died, I'm sitting here in the quiet, And feeling quiet right. There's construction 'cross the street, A crane is working, running hot, Around the corner is a diner That has been forever shut. Next to the window stands a jar, And in it sits a tullip's bud, And glasses fill the spot. And on and on, the years go 'round, And soon the life has reached its bound, And every time a sandwich falls The side with butter hits the ground, But, may be, once will come the day, But, may be, once will come the time, When luck takes our route. Edit