Translations by Dzhrew

This is an unauthorized review of the album "Eto ne liubov'." Actually, let's not consider it a review, but an anecdote. By "anecdote," I don't mean un-funny joke in smoked-out kitchen. I mean anecdote. This submission form doesn't scroll text at the end of the line, so I'm going to write in verse. First Thoughts on ENL 'Twas the summer of 1992 The hero of our tale was Dzhrew Studying Russian at S.P.G.U. (Grades were mostly 3s and 2s). Dzhrew asked 'round until he found What seemed to him The Underground (Though we know now such sites abound) And there bought pirate tapes of sound. Dzhrew: "Tell me please...." The man asked, "Chto?" Dzhrew tried to ask of rock and roll: "Est' Rock and roll from the Russian soul?" ('Cept Dzhrew said "shower," and the man's eyes rolled). I'm sure by now you already know That Dzhrew bought "Eto ne liubov'" (And mislabeled tapes of pure der'mo That made him think Akvarium blows.) Though years have passed since that slow start "Eto ne liubov" stays in his heart: Simple, elegant, rocking... art. (The bass may be his favorite part.) I could write more, but the brain is skewed Now someone write some real reviews.