Translations by Dzhubchik

The Watcher

Here, between two rivers--
In ancient hills reclined on cold sands the watcher waits.
He knows what's right.
Motionless, straight, his silhouette hidden in brush.
Wind blows over them, tossing the branches-- but there's no wind today.
Night spins the beat to splashes of waves, to brilliance of stars;
The watcher falls asleep, lulled by watery tides.
Night smells of wood-smoke there in the hills--
A spark of fire,
Four look on the blaze.
Could one of them really be me?
Maybe it was the sun,
Maybe not--we're not to know;
Somewhere near morning
The watcher awakes and sets out to sleep.


Translation Notes

First of all, whosever dictionary translated the title of this song, their dictionary is wrong and mine is right! (although, technically, I made a leap from my dictionary's translation, "observer," to poetry, but that's the translator's job).

As for the rest, I ask the potential critic to retire to the roof, use some sensimilla, then come back. It could all make sense then. Whoah. Except that my Russian can be prone to serious errors of the non-poetic type. If you see any, please point them out.

Dzhub's comment explained by Dzhon: Unfathomably, this song used to be in the BoB db as "Superintendent." Nobody knows why or will admit to the boner, least of all me. I have, however, taken the liberty of changing it.

Здесь между двух рек - ночь.  
На древних холмах, лежа в холодном песке,  
Ждет наблюдатель. Он знает, что прав.  
Он неподвижен и прям. Скрыт в кустах  
Его силуэт. Ветер качает над ним  
Ветви, хоть ветра сегодня нет.  
Ночь кружится в такт  
Плеску волн, блеску звезды,  
И наблюдатель уснул,  
Убаюканный плеском воды.  
Ночь пахнет костром.  
Там за холмом - отблеск огня,  
Четверо смотрят на пламя.  
Неужели один из них я?  
Может быть, это был сон,  
Может быть нет -  
Не нам это знать.  
Где-нибудь ближе к утру  
Наблюдатель проснется  
Чтобы отправиться спать.