Translations by CTAB

R-n-R Heroes & Slaves Sometimes I feel just like a hero My back to the wall but not afraid Sometimes I feel that we’re heroes Sometimes that it’s just masquerade And often we play for nothing Like r-n-r slaves we carry these amps Sometimes I think it’s idiotism Sometimes I feel we are useless bums And often when I’m buying coffee I see these guys making judgments in rem Important people in even bigger cars But I wouldn’t want to be one of them And I would love it to be their equal But if it can’t be I’m hardly to blame From rags to riches we’ll have to sell out And for useless bums it’s an impossible game


Translation Notes

i only translated the part of the song that a) is about r-n-r life, b) actually good, c) makes sense. the rest of the song about angel and gane i feel is just filler

Бустер в ночи,  
Квак в волосах  
Круто торчит,  
Как звезда в небесах.  
Фотонная плеть,  
Пень на краю;  
Позволь умереть  
Под песню твою.  
Я видел в лесу  
Тройного коня -  
Он играл на басу  
И пел для меня.