Translations by Dzhon

I see a woman and hear the tock of clock, Everything is frozen, crystal-clear, Midnight strikes and here's a lovely woman: Tell her yourself; I don't have the words. A day dawned when, amid the daily grind, Where wonders are few and far between, I suddenly saw the contours of a ball... You oughta know, since you were there You oughta know. And if to live here loving Is magic entwined with fate, Princess, Cinderella, here's a woman with you... But who she is really depends on you.

Translation Notes

A song so deeply (and deservedly) obscure, BG doesn't even see fit to include it in Songs or 20th Century Texts; however, I translated it while penning a review of Soon the Century Will End (the only album on which it appears)...then lost it...then found it. So here it is, preserved for immortality.

Я вижу женщину, я слышу стук часов  
Все замерло, все так кристально ясно  
Вот полночь бьет и женщина прекрасна  
Скажи ей сам - мне не хватает слов  
Случится день, когда средь суеты  
Где кажется чудесного так мало  
Я вдруг увидел очертанья бала  
Ты должен знать - там был и я и ты  
Ты должен знать. И если жить любя  
Здесь волшебство завязано судьбою  
Принцесса, Золушка, вот женщина с тобою  
А кто она - зависит от тебя