Stuffography Mad Nightengales in the Russian Forest


Безумные соловьи русского леса

Mad Nightengales in the Russian Forest

Leo Records/SoLyd Records 1985


by Dzhrew

One 40-minute, dissonant, reverberating, instrumental track written by Boris's sometimes piano player and othertimes partner in various crimes. Sergei plays a fairly advanced form of 80s electronic organ. Boris allegedly plays the guitar, but I have to admit that I find it real hard to identify a guitar anywhere in it. The boys were evidently seriously stoned when this sucker was immortalized.

Parts of the album could make excellent "scary music" for a horror film, "thoughtful music" for a science documentary, and "torture noises" for a James Bond villain. If you remember the music that's going in the film On The Beach when the guy finds the coke bottle, you pretty much have this album. Think Philip Glass' soundtrack to Koyaaniqatsi, maybe.

I have a real weakness for The Orb and other such nonsense, so this kind of thing speaks volumes to me. I listen to it more often than you care to know.

In closing, if you've listened to every Akvarium album and hate them all, maybe you need to try The One Track. Not that prerequisite for liking this is hating Akvarium, but if none of the styles of music on Boris albums float your boat, Mad Nightengales may be your last best hope. Bonus: you don't need to understand a word of Russian to enjoy this record.

Originally released as an lp on Leo Records (lr 167). Recorded spring 1985.